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September, 27TH-30TH 2018
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    16:00 -22:00
    The Rendezvous
    The Rendezvous, 3269 Esplanade Suite 142, Chico, CA 95973, USA

    VIP Only!

    Schedule for Film, Music and Awards:
    4pm-10pm – Private – VIP Only!
    Downtown Viewing Party!
    Announced Prior to Festival Week!.
    5 hours of running films that are non- competing.
    DJ Levi Miners – MC!
    “Making it with Moraes – Wedding Cake” by Marcelo Silva in Best in Show -28:00 USA Watch Trailer
    “Seven Minute Scrapbook: The 2016 Don Matthews CZ World Championships at E Street” by Uncle Tad Baker in Best Short Film -6:56 USA
    “Hazel” (360/VR) by Bob de Jong -6:16 Netherlands Watch Trailer



    “California’s Forgotten Children” by Melody C. Miller -1:33:37​ USA Watch Trailer
    Standing Rock: A Vision for Our Future by Ryan Schmidt, Featuring Michael Goodshield of Lakota Standing Rock Tribe, Rosebud. -33:00 USA Watch Trailer
    ”World Premiere Sneak Peak for VIP Only!
    Full Circle” by Ryan Schmidt 25:00 USA
    Special Secret Film! USA
    Official Selections VIP Preview Party! – September 27th – VIP Only!
    Private Film Viewing Party for Crew, Volunteers, Sponsors and Directors – 8 Films. Previews for VIP Only!
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    09:00 -10:00
    The Rendezvous
    The Rendezvous, 3269 Esplanade Suite 142, Chico, CA 95973, USA

    Opening Day!

    9am-9:30 am Introduction to Festival Weekend! Raffle and Prizes.
    9:45am-11:30am The Reading by Martin Goldman, USA Watch Trailer
    11:45-12:45 Acha Acha Cucaracha: Cucano Strikes Again by Mario Piazza Argentina Watch Trailer
    Raffle/Prizes following.
    12:45-2:30 Films: “Two Pictures” by Director, Eric Stone from Seattle, Washington. In Attendance for Director’s Talk! USA Watch Trailer
    2:30-2:50pm “The March for Freedom” – by Director, Devon Johnson 11:58 USA Watch Trailer
    2:55pm-3:40pm “Beautiful Resistance” by Walid Al-Mekdadi -37:00 Sweden
    3:40pm-4:0​​0pm “Rae Lakes Film Documentary” by Chris Smead in Best -20:39 USA Watch Trailer
    4:05pm-5:​​40pm “California’s Forgotten Children” by Melody C. Miller -1:33:37​ USA Watch Trailer
    5:45pm Special Guest, Michael Goodshield of Lakota Tribe, Standing Rock – Camp Rosebud – Traditional Dance and Song until 5:30pm.
    Raffle/Prizes following films.
    5:45-10pm Films: “Independent Nature Series” by Director Ryan Schmidt, CSU “Chico Alumni Award!”
    Chico, Ca From the Sky and other Shorts. USA
    Chico Aerial Drone film! World Premiere for
    “Full Circle” Watch Trailer
    “Standing Rock: A Vision for Our Future”
    10pm-Close CIFF California Music Showcase:
    Andrew Bryant and Chad Kelley – Multicultural Acoustic Music
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    09:00 -23:00
    The Rendezvous
    The Rendezvous, 3269 Esplanade Suite 142, Chico, CA 95973, USA

    Local Independent Day!

    9am Raffle/Prizes following films. Independent Film – Local Only Series!
    All Films from California and Chico!
    Introduction to Local Independent Film History and Director’s Talk.
    Local Raffle and Prizes, 9am-9:15am
    Locals Only! Films: 9:15am-4pm
    9:20am-9:45pm “Faith’s Gambit” by Steven Zlotowski -23:56 USA Watch Trailer
    10:15am-11am “The Littlest Undertaker” by Kevin Molohan in Best Short Film -24:54 USA Watch Trailer
    11:10-12:50 “Occupants” by Russell Emanuel -01:20:35 USA Watch Trailer
    1pm-1:15pm “Golden Age” by Jeremy Pair in Best Short Film -15:34 USA Watch Trailer
    1:30-1:45 “Madicine Woman by Mark Vaughan” -11:44 USA Watch Trailer
    1:50pm-2:10pm “Tin Can” by Pat Battistini -20:00 USA
    2:10pm-2:15pm “I Found A Hope” by Davy Andrek -4:29 USA
    2:20-2:30pm “Sid and Marge Have a Problem” by Michael Baker -9:15 USA
    2:35pm-3pm “Happy Hour” by Paul Duff -23:53 USA
    3:05pm-3:45 “Pluto” by Tiger Ji in Best Feature Film, Best Soundtrack on Film -40:00 USA Watch Trailer
    4pm-5pm “Zero-Zero” by and Producer/Director Randall Whittinghill with Director’s Talk. -14:53 USA Watch Trailer
    5:10pm-5:20pm “The Tempest” by Rome Mubarak -8:44 USA
    5:25-5:35 “Darkroom” by Phillip E. Walker -8:44 USA Watch Trailer
    5:35pm-6:30pm “Local World Premiere”, “A Real Gangster” Directed by Kyle Miller(Film Student, USC). USA Watch Trailer
    6:35pm-7:30pm Local Social Mixer and Director’s Talk from Mark Vaughan!
    7:35pm-7:45pm ”Wallbangers” by Adele Franck -9:38 USA Watch Trailer
    7:45-8:15pm “A Bright Idea” by Peter Treagan -26:37 USA
    8:15pm-8:40pm “Women in Film Series”, Director’s Talk: Lorraine Dechter(NPR and Action News Network). USA
    8:45pm-10pm “Chico Native Award” for Bill Carter, Director of “Miss Sarajevo” -33:00 USA Watch Trailer
    10:15-Close –  CIFF California Music Showcase, “America’s” Watch Trailer
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    09:00 -12:00
    The Rendezvous
    The Rendezvous, 3269 Esplanade Suite 142, Chico, CA 95973, USA

    International Independent Day! Local to Global! “Youth in Film Series”

    Introduction to International Directors and Raffle/Prizes!
    Raffle! Snacks and Zevia.com sodas, juices. Director’s Talk. Local Youth Film Production!
    “Youth in Film Series” @9:00-11am
    “Sow” by Daniel Salas – Paradise, Ca Production USA
    11am-11:30am “African School of Dance!” Tanya Pillar, Leader
    “Africana” by Amin Elhag -7:34 USA
    “Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold” by Konark Sarangi -5:57 USA
    Noon-1pm with “HypnoSwami Magic Show”!
    K-12 Youth Raffle/Prizes  following.
    Noon-3pm. “International, VR and Animation Series”!
    “Todd and his Dog” by Alan Chiou -3:10 Taiwan
    “Dear Bear” by Alan Chiou -4:17 Taiwan
    “Mickeymousing” by Marc-Anthony Cadieux -4:00 Canada
    “Flying” by Jacob Hood -3:45 USA
    Alien & Alien by Mariusz Moscicki -1:00 USA
    “Runaway Plane” by -3:05 USA
    “Don’t Talk to Strangers” by Dae Yeon Cho -4:24 USA
    “Determination” by Salome Tkebuchava -1:22 USA
    “Lilly Goes Fishing” by Xstine Cook in -7:52 Canada
    “Lilly and the Baby” by Xstine Cook -6:31 Canada
    “Hirvio” by Brian Kelso-Gillespie, Dan West -3:26 USA Watch Trailer
    “Seine’s Breath” by Bethanie Montano -3:19 Australia
    “De-Generate” by Miranda Johnson -3:03 USA
    “The Servant” by Farnoosh Abedi-9:00 Iran Watch Trailer
    “Sonaria” by Google Spotlight Stories in -4:00 USA Watch Trailer
    “Praying from Afar” by Melody Liu in Best Virtual Reality -3:59 Singapore
    “Lionhearted” by Ricarda Saleh in Best Virtual Reality -12:10 Germany Watch Trailer
    3:15pm-6:30pm International Shorts Series
     “The Hildebrandt Collection” – 3 Short Films Germany
    “For the Children” Short by Redwulf Films -17:09 United Kingdom Watch Trailer
    “Little Jerusalem” by Vaiva Martisauskaite -6:56 Lithuania
    “Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord” by Rolf Klein -3:00 United Kingdom
    “Night of the Dummy” by Tigre Ferguson in -2:14 USA
    1:15pm-1:45pm “Gray” by Preet Singh -29:55 India Watch Trailer
    1:50pm-2pm “Due Day” by Midia Kiasat -7:30 Iran Watch Trailer
    2:05pm-2:10pm “Oh, Dear “ by  Lauren Fogel -4:15 USA Watch Trailer
    2:15pm-2:50pm “Creme Noir – Part II” by Marcin Kulwas -16:06 Poland Watch Trailer
    2:55pm-3:10pm “Subluna” by Cambrils Emmeline -11:40 France Watch Trailer
    3:15pm-3:30pm “Blame” by Bita Alahyan -9:56 USA
    3:30-3:45 “Tango Dreams” by Jessica Gomez -10:00 USA Watch Trailer
    3:50-4:10 “Numbness” by Milad Jarmooz -12:30 Iran Watch Trailer
    4:15-4:35 “The Observer Effect” by Garret Walsh -18:57 Ireland Watch Trailer
    4:45pm-5:15pm “Out From Smoke & Ash” by Lisandro Boccacci -21:56
    5:30-5:50pm “For Better, For Worse” by Tal Greenberg -19:00 USA Watch Trailer
    6:00pm-6:15 “Pale Mirrors” by Salem Salavati -15:00 Iran
    6:30pm-6:50pm “Sisak” by Faraz Arif Ansari -15:00 India Watch Trailer
    7pm-7:30pm “Free Fall” by Alexey Slinkin -28:36 Russian Federation Watch Trailer
    7:40pm-7:50pm “Carnival Flesh” by Gabriel Alvim -10:00 Brazil
    7:55pm-9:10pm International Features Series & Awards Show!
    8:45–10:10pm “The Magic Bomb” by Randy Gordon-Gatica -01:24:39 USA Watch Trailer
    Local New Music Videos
    “Raining Gravel” by Tim Bluhm – Video only! USA
    “Delightful” by Katie Garibaldi -4:44 USA Watch Trailer
    ”Pity Party” by Kaley Rae in Best Music Video/Film -1:40 USA




    Awards Announcement and Raffle starts at 10pm-10:15(Quick)
    CIFF California Music Showcase with “Sisterhood” from Chico, Ca. Official Website


The Chico Independent Film Festival , 27TH-30TH September 2018

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