2018 Press – Public Press, Volunteers and Directors


2017 Independent Film Award Winners!

Chico Independent Film Festival 2017 Awards:

Best in Show: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Feature: Writer’s Cramp

Best Documentary: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Short: Surf Photography: The Watermen

Best International: That’s My Boy

Best Director: Adrian Manzano

Best Music: Paper Moments

Best Soundtrack: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Local: Sight: The Story of Vision

Best Animation: Sonic Boom

Best Drama: Adaptation

Best New Media: Lily Hits the Road

Special Mention: The Bus Trip

Special Mention: Air Shepherd: Help Give Elephants and Rhinos Wings

Thank you to The Press at Chicoer.com, AS Live,  and to the Freedom to Express all artistic talents thru writing and performing.


Northern California and Global submissions for Independent Films.

twittericon https://twitter.com/CIFFCalifornia


Awards & Prizes:
All Winners Awarded Certificates, Mug Awards.

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