Lucky 7 – CHICOINDIE.COM 2018 Press and Directors



2017 Independent Film Award Winners!

Chico Independent Film Festival 2017 Awards:

Best in Show: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Feature: Writer’s Cramp

Best Documentary: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Short: Surf Photography: The Watermen

Best International: That’s My Boy

Best Director: Adrian Manzano

Best Music: Paper Moments

Best Soundtrack: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Local: Sight: The Story of Vision

Best Animation: Sonic Boom

Best Drama: Adaptation

Best New Media: Lily Hits the Road

Special Mention: The Bus Trip



poster-shadow_152_stills_01SEGA Press Release: “Channel Frederator (Fred Siebert’s company and the folks behind “Adventure Time” and “Bravest Warriors”) produced this documentary short about Sonic. CIFF has a nice mention (plus the logo is on screen) around the half-way/three-quarters point of the piece.” – Marlene Sharp – Producer, TV Series – Sonic – SEGA of AMERICA | 250 East Olive Avenue, Suite 200 Burbank, CA 91502 – Watch Here!

Article by Leila Rodriguez


2017 Article:

*Thank you to The Press at, Radio/TV Interviews/Support, and to the Freedom to Express all artistic talents thru writing and performing.

Northern California and Global Submissions

all for Independent Films.



Awards & Prizes:
All Winners Awarded Certificates, Prizes.

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