Tickets and Passes for CIFF California 2018 Indie Film Fans!

Tickets for CIFF California 2018

Tickets are $8.00 for 2 hours of Showings

Purchase here via getticketsfilmfreeway!)

and at the door. 

Please show early to film of choice, grab a seat and enjoy.        

Venue Host for our 7th Season!

VIP includes Music Showcase after films.

Info on

VIP PASS is $25.00 for 4-11pm of 7 hours

of film/bands on Friday, September 28th.

VIP Pass is $40.00 each for Day Pass on

Saturday & Sunday Showings all day.

Sample Pass:

(includes Awards Party/Bands)ciff-sunday-february-19th-vip-pass-2017-4


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