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LUCKY Number 7


The Chico Independent Film Festival 

LUCKY 7 Season – “Theatre in Film” Series

Films, Music and Awards!


Submissions for 2018 have Begun!

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We have decided to move the Festival to September, 2018 for reasons due to weather patterns and most likely having rain that week of April.

It is still at each season and they are our wonderful, supportive home! Please let anyone who is interested in Submissions or Tickets be aware of this change, greatly appreciated.

New announcements on our Fiscal Sponsor will also be messaged soon as well. Chico is having a new energy that has not been active in the arts for 5 years in regards to new venues and awareness. Let’s hope our group will be contacted and included now, as it is 7 years old.

Lucky 7 Season will be awesome, over 400 films submitted so far. The Local Submissions is lacking greatly this season and we want Chico to be aware of this.

All Student Submissions fees are waived, please pass that on. CIFF California has made it through a storm and we are ready for the world to see how much we have evolved!

Peace thru the Arts…Producer, Kelly Desmore – Contact at

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Official Selections for 2017-18 Trailers

sponsor-poster-2017-logos-only has our event listed and tickets are available thru their site as well.

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