“Theatre in Film” Series All Weekend 2018!

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2017 Independent Film Award Winners!

Chico Independent Film Festival 2017 Awards:

Best in Show: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Feature: Writer’s Cramp

Best Documentary: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Short: Surf Photography: The Watermen

Best International: That’s My Boy

Best Director: Adrian Manzano

Best Music: Paper Moments

Best Soundtrack: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Local: Sight: The Story of Vision

Best Animation: Sonic Boom

Best Drama: Adaptation

Best New Media: Lily Hits the Road

Special Mention: The Bus Trip

Special Mention: Air Shepherd: Help Give Elephants and Rhinos Wings





2018 Film Submissions for 2018 – Information and Link: 


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Northern California and Global submissions for Independent Films



Awards & Prizes: All Winners Awarded certificates and trophies for 2017.