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30/09/2018 09:00 - 12:00 America/Los_Angeles
Kelly Desmore
Phone: +15307203069
The Rendezvous
Address: The Rendezvous, 3269 Esplanade Suite 142, Chico, CA 95973, USA

International Independent Day! Local to Global! “Youth in Film Series”

Introduction to International Directors and Raffle/Prizes!
Raffle! Snacks and sodas, juices. Director's Talk. Local Youth Film Production!
“Youth in Film Series” @9:00-11am
“Sow” by Daniel Salas - Paradise, Ca Production USA
11am-11:30am “African School of Dance!” Tanya Pillar, Leader
“Africana” by Amin Elhag -7:34 USA
“Ghar Jaana Hai : The Stories Untold” by Konark Sarangi -5:57 USA
Noon-1pm with “HypnoSwami Magic Show”!
K-12 Youth Raffle/Prizes  following.
Noon-3pm. “International, VR and Animation Series”!
“Todd and his Dog” by Alan Chiou -3:10 Taiwan
“Dear Bear” by Alan Chiou -4:17 Taiwan
“Mickeymousing” by Marc-Anthony Cadieux -4:00 Canada
“Flying” by Jacob Hood -3:45 USA
Alien & Alien by Mariusz Moscicki -1:00 USA
“Runaway Plane” by -3:05 USA
“Don’t Talk to Strangers” by Dae Yeon Cho -4:24 USA
“Determination” by Salome Tkebuchava -1:22 USA
“Lilly Goes Fishing” by Xstine Cook in -7:52 Canada
“Lilly and the Baby” by Xstine Cook -6:31 Canada
“Hirvio” by Brian Kelso-Gillespie, Dan West -3:26 USA Watch Trailer
“Seine’s Breath” by Bethanie Montano -3:19 Australia
“De-Generate” by Miranda Johnson -3:03 USA
“The Servant” by Farnoosh Abedi-9:00 Iran Watch Trailer
“Sonaria” by Google Spotlight Stories in -4:00 USA Watch Trailer
“Praying from Afar” by Melody Liu in Best Virtual Reality -3:59 Singapore
“Lionhearted” by Ricarda Saleh in Best Virtual Reality -12:10 Germany Watch Trailer
3:15pm-6:30pm International Shorts Series
 “The Hildebrandt Collection” - 3 Short Films Germany
“For the Children” Short by Redwulf Films -17:09 United Kingdom Watch Trailer
“Little Jerusalem” by Vaiva Martisauskaite -6:56 Lithuania
“Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord” by Rolf Klein -3:00 United Kingdom
“Night of the Dummy” by Tigre Ferguson in -2:14 USA
1:15pm-1:45pm “Gray” by Preet Singh -29:55 India Watch Trailer
1:50pm-2pm “Due Day” by Midia Kiasat -7:30 Iran Watch Trailer
2:05pm-2:10pm “Oh, Dear “ by  Lauren Fogel -4:15 USA Watch Trailer
2:15pm-2:50pm “Creme Noir – Part II” by Marcin Kulwas -16:06 Poland Watch Trailer
2:55pm-3:10pm “Subluna” by Cambrils Emmeline -11:40 France Watch Trailer
3:15pm-3:30pm “Blame” by Bita Alahyan -9:56 USA
3:30-3:45 “Tango Dreams” by Jessica Gomez -10:00 USA Watch Trailer
3:50-4:10 “Numbness” by Milad Jarmooz -12:30 Iran Watch Trailer
4:15-4:35 “The Observer Effect” by Garret Walsh -18:57 Ireland Watch Trailer
4:45pm-5:15pm “Out From Smoke & Ash” by Lisandro Boccacci -21:56
5:30-5:50pm “For Better, For Worse” by Tal Greenberg -19:00 USA Watch Trailer
6:00pm-6:15 “Pale Mirrors” by Salem Salavati -15:00 Iran
6:30pm-6:50pm “Sisak” by Faraz Arif Ansari -15:00 India Watch Trailer
7pm-7:30pm “Free Fall” by Alexey Slinkin -28:36 Russian Federation Watch Trailer
7:40pm-7:50pm “Carnival Flesh” by Gabriel Alvim -10:00 Brazil
7:55pm-9:10pm International Features Series & Awards Show!
8:45--10:10pm “The Magic Bomb” by Randy Gordon-Gatica -01:24:39 USA Watch Trailer
Local New Music Videos
“Raining Gravel” by Tim Bluhm - Video only! USA
“Delightful” by Katie Garibaldi -4:44 USA Watch Trailer
”Pity Party” by Kaley Rae in Best Music Video/Film -1:40 USA




Awards Announcement and Raffle starts at 10pm-10:15(Quick)
CIFF California Music Showcase with "Sisterhood" from Chico, Ca. Official Website


The Chico Independent Film Season 30th International Independent Day Local to Global!

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