Volunteers/Artists/Sponsors 2018


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Independent Arts & Media board of directors has voted to approve our fiscal sponsorship application for Chico Independent Film Festival. We are excited and honored to be supporting you as one of IAM’s fiscally sponsored projects. 

Donate to Independent Arts & Media

Independent Arts & Media would not exist without the

generous support of our community.

Your donation will allow IAM to support Artist and Media Producers not only in San Fransisco but all over the country. 

DONATE ONLINE WITH PAYPAL: http://www.artsandmedia.net/donate/ 

to The Chico Independent Film Festival…


Help us AVOID PayPal fees by mailing a check or money order (no cash),

payable to Independent Arts & Media, to:

Independent Arts & Media
P.O. Box 420442
San Francisco, CA 94142

Independent Arts & Media is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Got Skills? Volunteer!
There are always opportunities to volunteer with IAM. Email us for more information about current opportunities!

Got Stuff? Donate In-Kind!
Help us keep operations costs down by donating office and event supplies!  Donations of paper, binders, name-tags, pens and other administrative equipment and supplies are always welcome!

Got Services? We need those too!
Do you provide a specialized service that you can donate? We are always grateful for donated or reduced cost printing, design, accounting or legal services.


CIFF California Artists/Volunteers

Volunteer Laarni Castro – Biochemistry | Class of 2019 California State University, Chico


Danni Yang:  Judges Panel – Finance Assistant for Season 2017


Manager at Coca-Cola and recent Graduate of CSU, Chico in Finance and Business. She has contributed greatly to our new Fiscal Sponsorship from an incredible Independent Arts Agency in SF, Ca.. http://www.artsandmedia.net

Mike Pulliam: Judges Panel – Judge and Assistant for 2017-18


Mike Pulliam, 58 yrs old, Navy veteran, father of one, retired telecom engineer, community activist, musician, member of Loyal Order of Moose and Fraternal Order of Eagles classic film and classic rock aficionado, an all around good guy!

Jeff Fox: Get Foxy Productions-Chicoer.com Local Music Videos


Karen Kolb-Smith: Photographer


Kim Snowden: Producer/Writer

Director of Sales for all Donations and In-Kind Gifts – 2018



Brian Strota: 

Youth in Film Series followed by…

Brian will be performing Magic during this Theatre Series – 2018.

Danny Cohen: Musician



Americas : Local Independent Film Day – Bands following film showings

September 29th, 2018americas2018

Band Bio
Drummer Casey Deitz and guitarist/vocalist Travis Wuerthner have been making the noisy music of The Americas as a duo in Chico for roughly five years, touring the entire time and racking up a couple hundred shows along the way. Deitz has been adding even more miles to his rock resume as drummer for Santa Rosa’s The Velvet Teen. Though The Americas have a couple of spiffy demo EPs that showcase their schizoid sound adequately, it’s in the live setting—where you can watch exactly how the sounds are made—that you see that the duo is like no other band. The band’s compositional style explores even deeper, where every possible musical component—from single notes (or tones or clicks) to longer melodies or rhythm patterns—instead of being simply repeated, can be abandoned after first repetition to be followed by an entirely new note, melody, pattern, or shift in volume to build some über progression. This is all achieved without losing any of the musical or emotional thrust of the song.

Instagram/Twitter: @_amrcs


Chad Kelley: Programmer/Songwriter/Musician


Kelly M. Desmore – Judges Panel – Founder/Producer for CIFF Producer


Working with the Chico Community Arts for over 26 years is all four seasons of art! Working in California Cities such as; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Marin County, Ventura/Ojai/Santa Barbara Coastlines is magical. This has given me a perspective of hope and praise in  filming our lovely landscape and people, for generations to come. Films are Archives, and that is wonderful.

Reviving the film experience in Chico and Butte County is what we  are currently focused on for the coming years. Since 1905 we have had  stunning movies made and numerous styles of films developed from our  gorgeous home, Chico, Ca..With over 35 personal years of shooting  manual photography, video/film creation and editing, multimedia design  and performance, my goal is to merge this current media, with our  foundation of over 100 years of documentation of the arts. 

Planting the seeds for a clear vision of Chico’s future, our community for years to come! We invite you to the 2018 Season.

Go Film!

Kelly M. Desmore 



Programmer of CIFF California.


Independent Arts & Media is

ArtsandMedia.net, our Official Chicoindie.com Affiliate Fiscal Sponsor

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