Kim Snowden: Producer/Writer

Director of Sales for all Donations and In-Kind Gifts – 2018kimsnowden2018biopicciff

Kim Snowden:
CIFF Director of Sales/Producer/Writer/Photographer

The lens, like a crystal ball in your hand, is a gateway…
a gateway into the imagination.

As one who believes in living life to the fullest, Kim has thoroughly fleshed out hers and is excited to see the future. Since starting her career in Earth Sciences, Geography, French, and Philosophy at CSU, Chico, she’s learned life experience has no boundaries. Eventually, she fell in love with the fine arts. Always up for a challenge, she’s often presented the most interesting ones while watching independent films. Recognizing their parallel to true life, she uses these films as learning experiences in a realm of endless possibilities.

The Wolf of Wall Street was one such learning catalyst that really struck a chord. Kim was unemployed and anxious with uncertainty when she watched Wolf for the first time. Knowing nothing about the stock market and investing, she thought it was a good opportunity to learn a potentially useful skill…but she was not impressed with Jordan Belfort. Angry because of his shady dealings and lack of integrity, she vowed to learn how to work in the stock market–more successfully and honestly than Belfort. And she did. After teaching herself stock investing and eventually diving in head first, she invested every last penny in what ended up being the #1 stock of the year–and beyond.

The takeaway? A good laugh, most definitely. On a serious note, though? These days, movies tend to set a lot of not-so-good examples through bad storytelling, lack of imagination, or poor ethics. Kim feels a sense of responsibility to use cinema to its greatest advantage…as a medium to tell incredible stories and as an inexpensive learning tool. In fact, she sees no real impediment to positive flow of information between cinema and its infinite capacity to give life to good stories and give good stories to life. Where her director’s chariot takes her next should be the time of her life. for all Inquiries regarding Donations. 





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