November 16

Menu for 11/16 Saturday!
Locals Only Series! Chico & California Directors Only! – Local Indie Films (California) – Usa Noon-11:30pm USHER IN “Locals Only Series” Saturday – November 16th Schedule:
Noon-1pm “Local Indie Day! Opening With Crew 2019!” Kelly, Lorraine, Fidella, John, Daniel, Larry, Mark, & Raffle!
Continue…Intro With Larry Penland From ” Independent Directors Series”! Oroville Dam Spillway Recordings Talk Q & A – Chico, Ca – Story #6 About Loss of Family Home & Narrowly Escaping Camp Fire Disaster. 30:00 Oroville, California Usa
Camp Fire Survivor! – Stories #7 Paradise, Ca – Numerous Productions In Progress 30:00 Paradise, California Usa
1:20pm-2:15pm – Films By Local Indie Directors! – Mark “Give Me a Hand” by Director Mark David Ross Fresno, California 55:00 Usa Will Be Present.  Watch  Trailer
2:30-3:45 “Local Indie Directors Talk” Official Selection, “American Totem” By Sue Hildebrand, Director – Chico, California 75:00 Usa
4pm-5:15pm “Local Indie Director’s Talk” & Acting Coach & Director for “GettingPaid.US” by Philip Walker (In  attendance!) – Los Angeles, California 75:00 Usa  Watch  Trailer
5:30pm-6:30pm Local World Premiere!!!!!!!!! “G-Ride: The Mike Griffith Story” By Director, Keith Wakefield, Denver, Colorado 60:00 Usa Will Be Present.“Local Indie Green, Bike Style” Director & Local Indie Bike Supporter Talk. #Climatechange 60:00(SAME AS ABOVE TIME SLOT, MIXED) Chico, California Usa
6:30pm-7:20pm Local Indie Student with Short Q & A “The Girl” 6:01 by Director, Suzune Ikura Chico, California Usa
Following after: “Disharmonyka” by Director, Matt Clarkson Chico California 3:15  Watch  Trailer
“Almost Charming” by Director, Taylor Carnes Escalon California Usa 7:28 = 50:00(if needed)
6:45pm-7:10pm “Women In Film Series” – By Director of New Series in Pre-production – Lorraine Dechter 35:00 Chico, California Usa
7:20pm-9:25pm Preview Choices “Official Selections – Local Indie” 90:00 Usa
Various in Order:
“On the Border” by Director, Aurturo M Murelo Mexico 6:40
“The Dishwasher” by Director, Nick Hartanto, Sam Roden Brooklyn Usa 12:34
“Lollipop” by Director, Amanda Moresco Hell’s Kitchen New York Usa 7:50
“Enclosure” by Director TingTing Li New York Usa 10:58
”The Wind Phone” by Kristen Gerweck Los Angeles Usa 15:52
“Marisol” by Director, Zoe Salicrup New York Usa 14:44
“Baby” by Director, Thais Drassinower New York Usa 14:00
“The Boogeywoman” by Director, Erica Scoggins Nashville Tennessee Usa 17:00
“Prophecy of the Encounter” by Director, Ati Maier New York Usa 14:12
“Tank Man” by Director, Robert Anthony Peters Arizona Usa 14:40
“Iris” by Director, Richard Herrera Sherman Oaks California Usa 11:02
”Single Standard” by Director, Casey Currey-Wilson Oakland, California Usa 14:50
”Here’s Your Flag” by Director Jonny Lewis New York, Usa 6:06
“Her Mind In Pieces” By award Winning Director, Dawn Fields – via Online! Los Angeles – 60:00 Los Angeles California Usa  Watch  Trailer
9:30pm-10:30pm “Local Indie Television & Film Star ” Writer & Screenwriter, Russ Woody www.Russwoody.Com New Book!
“Tuesdays With Ted” Discussion – “CSU, Chico Alumni Showcase Award  2019” –  ”Director’s Talk”  – Laughing! Los Angeles  90:00 California Usa
10:35pm-close Live! “Skip Culton Music” – Camp Fire Survivor and Non Profit Assistant Case Manager for Survivors – Ciff California Music Showcase 2019 – Acoustic Live! – (Play Until Close:) Chico, California Usa 50:00
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