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Independent Arts & Media – “” our Fiscal Sponsor! As Affiliates we can connect you here to send your tax donation or gift right to them! Independent Arts and Media is a Federal 5013c Non-Profit in San Francisco, CA. Independent Arts & Media would not exist without the generous support of our community. Your donation will allow IAM to support Artist and Media Producers not only in San Fransisco but over the country. DONATE ONLINE WITH PAYPAL: PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online! DONATE VIA CHECK OR MONEY ORDER Help us avoid PayPal fees by mailing a check or money order (no cash), payable to Independent Arts & Media, to: Independent Arts & Media P.O. Box 420442 San Francisco, CA 94142 Independent Arts & Media is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. OTHER WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE Got Skills? Volunteer! There are always opportunities to volunteer with IAM. Email us for more information about current opportunities! Got Stuff? Donate In-Kind! Help us keep operations costs down by donating office and event supplies! Donations of paper, binders, name-tags, pens and other administrative equipment and supplies are always welcome! Got Services? We need those too! Do you provide a specialized service that you can donate? We are always grateful for donated or reduced cost printing, design, accounting or legal services.


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Independent Art and Media are core to our values within The American Landscape of Art.

We greet new ideas, innovation and free expression to support all lives yearning to exist creatively…


Volunteer Opportunities!


Contact – Subject: Volunteer for CIFF with your information and phone number. Must be able to assist in any way contracted. Thanks! CIFF



Director of Sales for Non-Profit and In-Kind Gifts for CIFF, Kim Snowden:
CIFF Director of Sales/Producer/Writer/Photographer

The lens, like a crystal ball in your hand, is a gateway…
a gateway into the imagination.

As one who believes in living life to the fullest, Kim has thoroughly fleshed out hers and is excited to see the future. Since starting her career in Earth Sciences, Geography, French, and Philosophy at CSU, Chico, she’s learned life experience has no boundaries. Eventually, she fell in love with the fine arts. Always up for a challenge, she’s often presented the most interesting ones while watching independent films. Recognizing their parallel to true life, she uses these films as learning experiences in a realm of endless possibilities.


“Platinum” CIFF California Volunteer Press and 35MM Photography –

For Hire!

“Why Volunteer?”

Why do I volunteer so much of my photography and time? I will answer that here. But first, a little about myself… After returning to school for graphic design and during this time I, again, started taking photos. After graduating I continue my hobby. Attending local farmer’s markets and events so I could work on my photography, not only was I enjoying photography more and more, but it was also helping me grow as a designer.

Antonio Ramirez Designs

It was during this time that volunteering for the CIFF (Chico Independent Film Festival) started. So back to the question at hand, “Why Volunteer?”. After 5 years of volunteering for the CIFF, I discovered the following; My photography was gaining exposure, witnessing first hand the amazing talent that resides within my community and found it very rewarding.

The CIFF has opened many doors through their various venues by allowing me access to their events and many of their partners events.

This has allowed me to build a strong portfolio. Lastly, to see an event like the CIFF grow and to be part of it has been enriching.

Events serve a positive propose to their communities; both economically and as a recreation.

Not everyone can make a monetary donation but we all have something to offer that will make that event a success.

And for me, it is photography. In other words, if you’re a photographer just starting out, don’t be afraid to reach out to local organizations. The organizations will strongly benefit from your work and you will benefit from volunteering.

Antonio Ramirez

Graphic Designer and Photographer



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