Chico Indie Sponsors for 2017-2018

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Chico Indie Film Arts and Business Listings:

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January 2018 – TICKETS:

CIFF California Sponsorship Package for 2018 Season: 

$100.00 per year Link Ad on

All logos and names of business on poster for promos festival weekend, displayed around venue. 

A VIP Pass for each donation is given as trade for New Sign Up. 

More Packages at bottom of page…


“CIFF California 2017-8 Platinum Sponsors”


Daniel Teague –

Vega Star Healings – Please Click to Watch!!!




Thank you for 5 Years of Support! Honey Run Winery



Manifest Glory Productions is an Official Platinum Sponsor of 2017! Madelyn Coffman, Owner/Producer

Sol Mexican Grillsolmexicangrillsponsor







The Music Connection











Coca Cola




Trader Joe’s




Lagunitas Brewery – Gift Donation




Hap Hathaway – The Family Business


HypnoSwami Entertainment




Danny Cohen Music




GravyBrain Music




Rachelle DeBelle Music




Get Foxy Productions




Kim Snowden Photography




Karen Kolb-Smith Photography




Mike Pulliam



Danni Yang




Steve Kellum



ZRock Radio





by Kelly M. Desmore, Producer/Senior Programmer of CIFF California:

In the Fall of 2010, our first season of The Chico Independent Film Festival, came about with comedy in tow. Second season, we went into our own film productions, third season we went international…fourth, we are globally accepted in art. 5th Season is the balance of the first series films, and how the future will be shaped. Our 6th Season is new and vibrant, with an incredible venue! Yes, locally we are known for our films, teaching and multimedia.

Internationally we are known for Gone With The Wind, and Robin Hood and  But it was time to reconnect with our roots of over 100 years of shooting film in Northern California’s Gold Country, we do live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

In 1989 the film school ended at Chico State(the oldest State College in California, 129 years old).

Independent Film has given us a chance to combine with our community, in a way that a larger City could not support or have the closeness we seem to possess.

Local Sponsors saved the day, and they saw our vision from the beginning. Since theater costs and marketing takes most of the money in our organization, we have combined with other venues that will always be there even if the traditional film houses are not. You need to always think ahead, and if a filmmaker cancels a film that is important, moving the venue may be the right call.

Over 6 and a half years later, and over 40 local sponsors/and 9 international sponsors to date…our town is waking up and ready to shoot. Trust and value is the key formula. Also, not offering more than we can provide in service is of primary concern to our audience.

We gave all the Sponsors free VIP Passes, to all music and film. It worked. Though attendance is growing, the first few years were still relating locally and building trust. Some do agree a Film Festival is good for the economy, long-term.

CIFF California has learned the whole time how to re-do, re-use and renew. That is what it takes in this economy, and a big heart.


Sponsors Donations 2010-2018sponsor-poster-2017-logos-only

CIFF California Sponsor Packages

2017 Chico Independent Film Festival

April, 2018 at exact date and contract renewal)

$100.00 $250.00 $500.00 $750.00
$1000.00 $1500.00 $2500 $ Donation


CIFF California Sponsorship Packages for 2018 Season:

CIFF California Sponsorship Package for 2018 Season: Campaign now active.

Ad will be on new home since December 1st, now a Commerce Organization)

February, 2018 – Web Site will include both mirrored homes, including

*Single Gift Certificates of any kind for Audience Raffle

all weekend and gift baskets.

All donations have Sponsor Poster Ad/Logo.



Bronze Sponsor: $100-250.00 Business Ad with URL link to

Silver Sponsor: $250.00 Business Ad with URL link to 2 VIP Passes.

Gold Sponsor: $500-1500.00 Business Ad with URL link to 4 VIP Passes.

VIP passed to Awards Dinner. Gift basket included during weekend of Event with local businesses gift cards and donations.

CIFF Weekend Passes to all Films, Music and Food Showings booked.

Platinum Sponsor: $1500-2500. Business Ad with URL link to

VIP passed to Awards Dinner. Gift basket included during weekend of Event with local businesses gift cards and donations.

CIFF Weekend passes to all Films, Music, and Food Showings booked.

VIP Assistance with Travel or Tourism needs included.

Sponsors 2014/15 –
Habitat Lab
Electrified Redemption Project
Hap Hathaway – Sound
Madelyn Coffman
Garden Guys Nursery
Alter Ego Costumes
Light Your Way – Sandra Joseph
Sorto Sister’s Soaps
Electrified Redemption Project
2013 –
Lisa Valentine and The Unloveables
The Rugs – Leila Rodriguez
Chico Examiner
KCSC Radio
Focus Film Festival
Trader Joe’s
Susan Van Horn
David Halami
2012 –
Star Muse-Crone Logic
Forest Ranch Music Festival
Play Festival Films
Cory’s Country Inn
Woodstock’s Pizza
Karen Kolb Photography
Tolar Sounds
Jodi Buda Realty
Days Inn Chico
The Synthesis
Beach Hut Deli
In Motion Fitness
Melissa Lasell
2011 –
House of Bamboo
CSU Chico Alumni Association
Chico Chamber
Chico Copy & Postal
Chico Poetry Slam
DJ Spenny
Woody Guzzetti Catering
Park Ave Smog and Tire
Susan Selene
King Hopeton
2010 –
Matador Motel
Ultra Beautician
Melinda Rogers, Real Estate Agent
David Hurst, Graphic Design
Pageant Theater
Mim’s Bakery
PCI Computer Services
North Valley Community Foundation
Happy Feet Reflexology
Chico Women’s Club
The Pub Scouts
Honey Run Winery
Park Ave Smog and Tires
Cafe Flo
Chase Bank
Tehama Gold Olive Oil
Mama Rose’s Kitchen
North State Parent Magazine
Aca Taco
Jerry Waters, MD
Blue Moon Weddings
Vernon Andrews, PhD
Antonio Ramirez Designs
La Rocca Vineyards and Winery
Chico Paper Company
Ken Roye Law Firm
Gary Quiring Photography
Chris Odom Videography

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