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Chico – Ca.


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(The Dirt Factory, Film by Brandon Marick)


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Awards & Prizes
All Winners Awarded certificates and trophies for 2018.

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Rules online on April 1st, 2017.

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Northern California and Global submissions for

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All Winners Awarded certificates and trophies for 2016.

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2017 Independent Film Award Winners!

Chico Independent Film Festival 2017 Awards:

Best in Show: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Feature: Writer’s Cramp

Best Documentary: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Short: Surf Photography: The Watermen

Best International: That’s My Boy

Best Director: Adrian Manzano

Best Music: Paper Moments

Best Soundtrack: Nathan East: For The Record

Best Local: Sight: The Story of Vision

Best Animation: Sonic Boom

Best Drama: Adaptation

Best New Media: Lily Hits the Road

Special Mention: The Bus Trip

Special Mention: Air Shepherd: Help Give Elephants and Rhinos Wings

Thank you to The Press at Chicoer.com, AS Live,  and to the Freedom to Express all artistic talents thru writing and performing.


Northern California and Global submissions for Independent Films.

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Awards & Prizes:
All Winners Awarded Certificates, Mug Awards.

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Northern California and Global submissions for

Independent Films in several categories.





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As the Producer of the Chico Independent Film Festival (CIFF California), Kelly M. Desmore, it is an honor to bring opportunity and praise to Chico, my home.

Reviving the film experience in Chico and Butte County is what we are currently focused on for the coming 20 years. Since 1905 we have had stunning movies made and numerous styles of films developed from our gorgeous home, Chico, Ca..

With over 35 personal years of shooting manual photography, video/film creation and editing, multimedia design and performance, my goal is to merge this current media, with our foundation of over 100 years of documentation of the arts.

CIFF California is the evolution of 4 other film festivals done throughout the years while filming, teaching and performing with varied artist’s mediums form 1993-2018.

Planting the seeds for a clear vision of Chico’s future of what has already been available to our community for years, is coming to fruition in the 2016-18 Season.

See you there, LUCKY 7~!

Kelly M. Desmore – Producer/Senior Programmer of CIFF California.