CIFF California Community – Volunteers!

Madelyn Coffman, Assistant Producer – 2015-2016

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“Platinum” CIFF California Volunteer Press and 35MM Photography –

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“Why Volunteer?”

Why do I volunteer so much of my photography and time? I will answer that here. But first, a little about myself… After returning to school for graphic design and during this time I, again, started taking photos. After graduating I continue my hobby. Attending local farmer’s markets and events so I could work on my photography, not only was I enjoying photography more and more, but it was also helping me grow as a designer.

Antonio Ramirez Designs

It was during this time that volunteering for the CIFF (Chico Independent Film Festival) started. So back to the question at hand, “Why Volunteer?”. After 5 years of volunteering for the CIFF, I discovered the following; My photography was gaining exposure, witnessing first hand the amazing talent that resides within my community and found it very rewarding.

The CIFF has opened many doors through their various venues by allowing me access to their events and many of their partners events.

This has allowed me to build a strong portfolio. Lastly, to see an event like the CIFF grow and to be part of it has been enriching.

Events serve a positive propose to their communities; both economically and as a recreation.

Not everyone can make a monetary donation but we all have something to offer that will make that event a success.

And for me, it is photography. In other words, if you’re a photographer just starting out, don’t be afraid to reach out to local organizations. The organizations will strongly benefit from your work and you will benefit from volunteering.

Antonio Ramirez

Graphic Designer and Photographer

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