The Chico Independent Film Festival Official Selections 2019

LOCAL WORLD PREMIERE! ” G-Ride: The Mike Griffith Story” by Director Keith Wakefield Chico & Colorado USA


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  1. Paying the Ferryman in Best Music Video/Film
  2. From the Ashes in Best Short Film
  3. Scopophilia: the Pleasure from Looking in Best Short Film
  4. Enclosure in Best Director
  5. Lollipop in Best Short Film
  6. On the border in Best Short Film
  7. Leadwell in Best Short Film
  8. IRIS in Best Short Film
  9. Sokyra Peruna – No Bounds in Best Music Video/Film
  10. Vange Va in Best Short Film
  11. Vindold in Best Short Film
  12. Reformation in Best Short Film
  13. River Phoenix in Best Music Video/Film
  14. SONATA (dir. C. Jezior) in Best Music Video/Film
  15. ITALY & (THIS IS) WATER (Dir. I. Gavriel & A. F. Plaschg ) in Best Music Video/Film
  16. ACTING (dir. C. Jezior) in Best Music Video/Film
  17. ZWEITE HAUT – SECOND SKIN (dir. I. Ergün, K. Ergün) in Best Short Film
  18. YARA (dir. Wirz) in Best Short Film
  19. UNDER MOM’S SKIRT – LES TROMPES DE MA MERE (dir. S. H. de Chabaneix) in Best Short Film
  20. TRANSMISSION (dir. Yahjian, Mkrtichian) in Best Short Film
  21. THE WIND PHONE (dir. K. Gerweck) in Best Short Film
  22. THE STONE GUEST (dir. Fomenko) in Best Short Film
  23. THE HAPPIEST COUPLE ALIVE (dir. D. Nogueira) in Best Short Film
  24. THE DISHWASHER (Dir. S. Roden, N. Hartanto) in Best Short Film
  25. THE BOOGEYWOMAN (Dir. E. Scoggins) in Best Short Film
  26. SUPERMARKET (dir. Abbate) in Best Short Film
  27. SDtoHDuprezMaxV2_009.mp4 (dir. A. Spence) in Best Short Film
  28. REVOLUTION (dir. Bentvelsen) in Best Short Film
  29. RECONNECTING (dir. M. Gaeth) in Best Short Film
  30. ONE DAY AT THE SEA – UNE JOURNÉE À LA MER (dir. J. Borgel) in Best Short Film
  31. MUFFIN (dir. D. Bolda) in Best Short Film
  32. MÜTTER – MOTHERS (dir. Köhler) in Best Short Film
  33. MARISOL (dir. Junco) in Best Short Film
  34. LEKAIME (dir. X. Rodriguez) in Best Short Film
  35. LE ROSE ET LE VERT – THE MISSING PIECE (dir. Julien Chavaillaz) in Best Short Film
  36. FARTA (dir. Cannarozzi) in Best Short Film
  37. DRAWING. DANCING (dir. Haynes) in Best Short Film
  38. Boom (Rodriguez) in Best Short Film
  39. BABY in Best Short Film
  40. ANNELER GÜNÜ – MOTHER’S DAY (dir. Dincer) in Best Short Film
  41. LA PETITE MORT – THE LITTLE DEATH (dir. Gisler) in Best Documentary Film
  42. ARTHUR KING – CHANGING LANDSCAPES (WAUTERS FARM) (dir. Canning, Johnson) in Best Documentary Film
  43. TURNING (dir. Haviland) in Best Animation Film
  44. SYNCHRONICITY (dir. Brand) in Best Animation Film
  45. FLORA (dir. C. Im) in Best Animation Film
  46. Mondo Hollywoodland in Best Feature Film
  47. Prophecy of the Encounter in Best Short Film
  48. Disharmonyka in Best Local Film
  49. Sore feet in Best Animation Film
  50. WHAT ABOUT OUR BABIES? by John H. Fitch Jr. in Best Music Video/Film
  51. Tank Man in Best Short Film
  52. Le Cinema – Tragicomedia in Best Virtual Reality
  53. Blowing Up Right Now in Best Feature Film
  54. Give Me a Hand in Best Short Film
  55. The Girl in Best Short Film
  56. The Ribbon in Best Soundtrack on Film
  57. Corpse Rope in Best Short Film
  58. Her Mind In Pieces in Best Feature Film
  59. Ele in Best Virtual Reality
  60. How to Tell A True Immigrant Story in Best Virtual Reality
  61. Almost Charming in Best Short Film
  62. HANDMADE in Best Soundtrack on Film
  63. A to Z: A New Approach to Funding Forest Restoration in Best Documentary Film
  64. Stronger Than Carr in Best Documentary Film 
  65. Starvation in Best Animation Film
  66. cut in Best Short Film
  67. Icons in Best Animation Film
  68. Lilly Gets A Pet in Best Short Film
  69. Single Standard in Best Short Film
  70. in Best Documentary Film
  71. Here’s Your Flag in Best Short Film
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